This is how my penis is kept. My girlfriend says only real men with real sized cocks should be aloud to show them. Like many men who are subject to humiliation she has sex with real men in front of me and often has them perform anal sex on me in front of my wife, her friends and sometimes other men.

Some men are better off being a forced sissy.

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Sissy Husband Humiliation

Sometimes in life you just need to accept and move on. Men who are forced to be sissies and subject to daily humiliation understand this too well. We understand it too. A number of the men that work at our site are either willingly or forced sissies, a number of us are kept as male chastity slaves while a couple are cuckolds. You are not alone and you can learn to actually enjoy the humiliation. We all have interesting stories, I live in Los Angeles and we often go to the beach. My wife only let's me wear femme style swimsuits. These are sissy designs that repackage the penis into a very realistic vagina. I am made to shave my body and to often act feminine in front of other men and women. She refers to most other guys as real men. Even her friends treat me as female.

Sissy Husband Humiliation for the Fun of It

Believe it or not, there are many couples that indulges in a bit of sissy husband humiliation. This can be done by either partner if the relationship involves two men. When this type of play happens in a heterosexual relationship, the woman obviously is the one who takes control. In a gay male relationship, either partner can take the lead. They can agree beforehand who will be the dominant one or they can even switch back and forth as to who the sissy husband will be. The humiliation of the sissy husband can take place in several ways. One of the most popular methods is for the dominant partner to go out to a bar and bring home a sexual partner. The sissy husband is tied up and made to watch while his wife has sex with this stranger. There are other acts to cause humiliation. All you have to do is find what works for you and your partner.