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Sissy Husband

Sissy Husband humiliation and anal sex


I have a question and would love to hear some feedback on it. One of the forms of sissy husband humiliation I have to deal with is anal sex by my wife, her girlfriends wearing strap-on dildos and on occasion one of her many boyfriends. My wife knew I was a sissy five years ago when we were married but the anal sex part of my humiliation is a recent addition. She forcibly introduced me to it early last year. My biggest issue is not having anal sex which might just be something I can learn to enjoy though I would always make her think I hate it. I have had some of the most intense orgasms of my life The problem is how tight my hole is. The girls are not using large dildos on me at this time and the men are all of average size but it feels like they are all huge. I know part of it is learning to relax. One of my wives friends had a talk with me after performing anal sex on me. She said it was her first time giving it but she has anal sex often on the receiving end. I was informed that I should practice anal stretching to relax the hole and learn how to hold it open. She showed me how to do it and she actually let me touch her gaping hole. Put your fingers in she said, as many as you like. I could fit most of my hand in her and it was so open I could literally see her insides. It was beautiful. When she let her hole clinch it was so tight around my hand I could barely stand it. That’s amazing I said and she explained that she used a combination of anal stretcher plugs and a device called the Dr.Assman anal stretcher which holds the hole open and eventually gaping to help her relax and master anal sex. I’m ready to give it a try. I would love to be good at it and though it is being used as sissy husband humiliation I could actually be the master of it. Has anyone out there tried stretching?