Some men are better off being a forced sissy.

Male to female transformation design underwear/swimwear with exposed clit. A beautiful and sensuous design.

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Sissy Boy

Sissy Husband Humiliation is more common than you believe it is.

It is true that that mucho fireman, police officer, judge and other authority figures are as likely to be sissies and any other man and in some cases they tend to be impacted by sissy husband humiliation more often than the general population of men. Many men that need to show a strong personality during the day secretly crave to be humiliated at night. Ask any mistress whom their best customers are and the will tell you attorneys. These men are well educated and need a very masculine persona throughout the day. These are exactly the men you will find most often craving to be dominated, wishing to be humiliated in public and private settings. You might be surprised how many men in the legal profession are subjected to domination, sissyfication, cross-dressing and humiliation by girlfriends and wives.  Sissy husband humiliation tends to be more dominate with higher levels of education, that is with me wishing to be put in that situation versus being forced into sissy husband humiliation. There are many judges wearing male chastity cock cages under their robes, many doctors being subjected to spankings and forced to dress like little girls in the privacy of their homes. Most psychologist’s believe this is an extremely healthy way to display your erotic side, your sensual side, your freaky side.